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3 Social Media Trends in Employer Branding

Social media is currently the most powerful communications tool today. A major factor of a successful employer brand strategy is communication—alignment to brand values, both inside and outside your organization. What better way to amplify your communication efforts than social

Recruitment Strategy — are you looking forward?

Your company needs more than a “Post and Pray” approach to your corporate recruitment!  To build your talent pipeline, here are four things you need to do today to ensure that your recruitment strategy is focused on the future: Workforce

Why Employer Branding is Important During Difficult Times

Many people view employer branding as externally focused; career sites, recruitment advertising, social media outreach and print advertising. These activities target people external to the organization who may be future employees. Yes, this is a major part of an employer

Top 5 ways Alumni can impact your employer brand

It is inevitable that employees are going to leave your organization, which isn’t necessary negative as some turnover can be healthy.   So how do you treat employees who transition out of your organization?  Do you keep in touch with them? 

Your Company – From the Outside Looking In…

What does your organization look like from the outside?  Employer Branding is all about how others perceive your company – it’s certainly a case of “you can lead your audience to water – but you can’t make them drink.”  For

Quick Tip to Power Your Employer Brand

What do your job descriptions say about your organization as a place to work? When activating your EVP don’t forget your job descriptions.  Job descriptions are an introduction to your company.  They need to be authentic and clear on what