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When You Assume, You make…a mistake with your EVP

Did you ever have that teacher?  The one who warned you what happens when you “assume”? By making assumptions, we set ourselves up to fail.  When setting out to define your EVP, it is absolutely necessary to check your assumptions

Quick Tip to Power Your Employer Brand

Tapping In to Your Talent Team Do you have a good sense of what your internal recruiters and external recruitment partners think about your company as a place to work? Recruiters are an important stakeholder to consider when developing a

Don’t Cut Corners in Your Employer Branding Strategy

There is a common misconception about employer branding which is proliferated on the internet. I can’t tell you how many articles or blogs I happen upon which focus solely on the marketing side of employer branding.  It might be framed

Signs that your EVP needs to be better defined

The foundation of a strong Employer Brand is an Employee Value Proposition that can be clearly seen and experienced through the organization.  As companies go through strategic change to stay relevant in their markets, it’s important to take the time