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Once a Kegger, Always a Kegger – Brand Ambassadors for Life

There are a few Canadian organizations with established employer brands that stand out within their industry. Westjet is a clear trailblazer and Bombardier receives plenty of recognition as a great place to work as well. Since their early days in

Employer Branding — a good risk management strategy

Risk mitigation is a familiar phrase for HR and C-level executives, yet the term is rarely applied to employer branding strategy. When it does come up in the conversation, it is usually in reference to reputation management – but that’s

It’s all about the journey, not the destination

At Blu Ivy, we have worked with many organizations, helping them to communicate their vision and build business strategies that will support their corporate goals.  Our experience has been that every organization is willing to invest in their vision, and

Don’t spend a dime on 2015 Employer Branding – yet.

It’s the start of a brand new year and, and for many, a fresh budget. Where will you be spending your employer branding dollars this year? It won’t be difficult to create a laundry list of areas that need attention.

Are you Listening?

How often do you truly listen, when someone is speaking? Not just hear their words, while you multi-task; mentally going through your “to-do” list or pre-emptively formulating your own response, but actually focus, and in that moment, just listen? Communication

Effective Resolutions for Developing a Top Employer Brand

Most of us start every January with a long list of improvements and the best of intentions.  The coaches will all tell you the key to making changes that stick are to keep it simple, tangible and action focused.  We’ve