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Want to Boost your Employer Brand? Start a Blog.

As a busy HR executive, if you had told me two years ago that there would be tremendous value gleaned from me writing a weekly blog, I would have thanked you for the advice and that would have been the

What Does a Top Employer Brand Look Like?

Employer Branding has been a top initiative for many organizations looking to set themselves apart from their competition.  HR and Marketing departments, in particular, across many different industries who have been working with their employees to develop their EVP’s and

Does Your Brand Speak to Students?

Campus Recruitment is a specialty unto itself within recruitment circles.  Many large organizations have programs devoted to developing relationships with students and new graduates as one of their target talent pools. Blu Ivy Group took some time to sit down

Targeted Employer Branding Makes Bigger Impact

An attractive employer brand drives increased awareness, but does it entice the right talent to consider your organization for their next career move? Improved awareness is an important objective in employer branding strategy; however the most effective approach will successfully

Keep Your Employer Brand Merry & Bright This Holiday Season

The holiday season tends to highlight the best and worst of workplace culture. Some organizations come together to celebrate the season and recognize the year’s achievements. Others may find employee discontent underscored through grumblings from cubicles far and wide throughout

The Top Five Employer Branding Trends to Watch in 2015

Although not everyone has fully developed their employer branding strategy, the number of organizations that have put branding strategy in place has greatly increased year over year, since 2013.  Employer branding is certainly top of everyone’s mind. Blu Ivy Group

Bring Your Own Employer Branding at Achievers

The term BYOB has taken on new subtext at Achievers, the innovative cloud based employee success platform provider. We recently learned about their own internal employee referral program, and as fans of their unique recognition and engagement solution, we couldn’t

Making Social Recruiting Part of your Strategy  

This is what everyone is talking about – increasing the reach of your organization by leveraging the power of people’s social networks.  Employer Branding becomes critical to your recruitment strategy because social media allows each person that interacts with your