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Employer Branding Comes to Life on Halloween

It’s no secret that Southwest Airlines has a favorite holiday. Halloween is a big deal at Southwest and all levels of the organization get into character. Customer service agents have been known to greet travellers as the crew of the

The Employees’ Role in Employer Branding

As employees, we all have a major role to play in employer branding. Employer Branding initiatives and discussions around building an employee value proposition often put a lot of emphasis on the organization and the leadership teams. By no means

The State of Employer Branding in Canada

Employer branding has been receiving plenty of attention from HR and C suite leaders in recent years, yet there is very little Canadian research on the subject to help leaders develop an effective employer branding strategy. A Landmark Research Study

The Five E’s of Building a Content Management Strategy

A critical component of all social media strategies is content management.  At Blu Ivy Group, we help our clients leverage their content by working with them to implement a content management strategy.  The strategy can help to expand the reach

Is the fine print driving your employer brand strategy?

C-level leaders have employer branding on the radar and they want talent attraction strategies that deliver.  They are paying attention to the details to ensure their recruitment marketing approach reflects their employer brand effectively, and ultimately, serves up top talent.

Building Transparency Builds Trust

Transparency builds trust.  When an organization is transparent with employees on key aspects of the company roadmap – the goals, the performance, and key objectives – they create an atmosphere in which trust develops.  Trust leads to a higher level

PowerStream’s Vanpool Program – Best Practice in Action

As one of Ontario’s environmental leaders in environmentally friendly workplace initiatives, PowerStream participates in a number of green events and programs. Named a Smart Commute Employer of the Year in 2009, 2011 and 2013, PowerStream has been recognized for their significant

4 Things your Company can do to Engage Employees in Creating a First Class Customer Experience

As consumers, we know that news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.  There are many online avenues for your clients to share their experience with the world –

Best Practices In Action: Employer Branding and Your Careers Site

Career site development tops the list of initiatives being undertaken by organizations working to enhance their employer brand. The best candidates are doing their homework before they even consider working with your organization. Micro sites and other careers focused content

Your Company – From the Outside Looking In…

What does your organization look like from the outside? Employer Branding is all about how others perceive your company – it’s certainly a case of “you can lead your audience to water – but you can’t make them drink.”  For