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Employer Branding: Not Just Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment is a pain point in every organization. Getting it right requires time, expertise and more than a little finesse. With business moving so quickly, at least one of the necessary ingredients is often in short supply. Add in challenges

How Employer Branding, Employee Engagement and Productivity Work Together

In articles and industry journals, the three concepts of Employer Branding, Employee Engagement and company productivity are so closely linked, it often seems as if the phrases are used interchangeably.  These three ideas do not refer to the same thing

Best Practices in Action: Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment has become tremendously competitive as employers vie for top talent even before candidates complete their education and hit the job market full time. Organizations with a strong employer brand strategy are upping the game to ensure they get

Who is Managing Your Company’s Employer Brand?

Employer branding is increasingly recognized as a critical business strategy.  Organizations realize that this represents a long-term initiative, not a one-time event.  With this shift in perspective, it is not surprising that we have seen a significant increase in employer

Defining Organizational Culture

Culture is an ambiguous word, one which can mean very different things to different people and organizations. For all the discussion and corporate focus on the importance of culture and how it can impact the success of an organization, there

3 things we can learn from PWC to attract young talent. 

When you search on Google for campus recruiting, PWC is one organization that comes in at the top of the list and the reason is simple — they have a strong employer brand in the campus recruitment space. Let’s look