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Measure the Strength of Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is a hot topic these days for good reason. Whether you are currently investing in employer branding or not, your brand is being experienced by internal and external talent – right now. How can you measure the strength

3 Best Practices to Celebrate Those Milestones

At Blu Ivy Group, we have worked with many organizations, helping them to communicate their vision and build business strategies that will support their corporate goals.  Our experience has been that every organization is willing to invest in their vision,

Does Your Employer Brand Reflect Your Organizational Mission?

Spot check – what is your company mission? In other words, what is the core purpose and central objective of your daily work? Many of us have worked for organizations whose mission, vision and values are mere lip service; hollow

Research Supports the Value of Trust and Transparency in the Workplace

Software Advice, a leading provider of research for software buyers, recently published a report which analyzed definitions of company culture from 886 respondents to determine the values and behaviors job seekers look for in potential employers. The research turned up some interesting stats on the way

The Future of Work is Here

Remember when ‘telecommuting’ was a novel and innovative concept? How quickly the world of work has changed since those early notions of workplace flexibility.  The context in which we work has (and continues to) change dramatically. Autonomy and choice has

2014 Global Trends in Employer Branding

Employer Branding International, has released their 2014 Global trends report, looking at how companies around the world view employer branding initiatives.  We thought we would share a few of the report highlights. Branding is not a single-department initiative. Employer branding