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Everything’s Coming Up Westjet: A Great Employer Brand Driving Great Business Results

Looking at Top Canadian Employer brands – it’s pretty tough to beat Westjet.  Now CEO Gregg Saretsky can add the Top New CEO of the Year to his list of awards.   Westjet employees are owners. Westjet employees have the

Meet the Blu Ivy Team

The Blu Ivy Group advisors are a unique blend of global human resources, recruitment, communications, marketing, and corporate leadership experts who are passionate about building and implementing strategies that result in authentic and engaged workplace cultures. After successfully instigating change

Is your company recognition program driving performance?

Is your recognition program doing any heavy lifting for your organization these days? Earning its keep by driving key behaviours and reinforcing corporate culture? Chances are your recognition program could use a little oomph. A 2014 trends report sponsored by

What an EVP is – and isn’t (Hint – we’re not talking about an executive job title)

What your EVP is… When we’re talking about Employer Branding – your EVP – is usually your organization’s Employee Value Proposition, not your Executive Vice President. The EVP is a unique set of values and benefits that give current and

5 Reasons Why HR Should Want to Own Employer Branding

Did we tell you that Employer Branding is not just an HR initiative? Point of fact, Employer Branding is more than an HR-initiative – it’s a key business strategy. When a key business strategy touches all aspects of the employee

The State of Employer Branding in Canada

Employer branding has been receiving plenty of attention from HR and C suite leaders in recent years, however many organisations have yet to develop and implement a strategy. In order to gain current local insight into the state of employer

Don’t Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate

The verdict on employer branding is in and it’s undeniable – brand matters. It is well documented that top employer brands significantly outperform their competitors and according to recent research conducted by LinkedIn, professionals around the world agree that the

Quick Tip – Establishing Meaningful Employer Branding Metrics

Measuring the effectiveness of your employer branding program is a calculation unique to each organization. Presuming that your objectives for employer branding are tied directly to your overall business plan, the return on investment will be determined based on the

In Search of Brand Advocates? They May Not Be Who You Think They Are.

Identifying your brand advocates may seem like a pretty straightforward process – look for the most enthusiastic and positive employees who enjoy talking about your company culture and mission. Highly engaged employees are, of course, great candidates for your brand