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Want to Attract the Best Talent?

Zappos recently made a big move by scrapping the traditional job posting in order to improve the candidate experience and dial up their approach to talent attraction. Much debate has ensued over this measure – is it too radical? or

Activating your Employer Brand

Employer Branding initiatives are not a goal in and of themselves.  Organizations engage in branding to help the company achieve their corporate mission.  Ensuring that your employees are engaged and ready to be a part of the action is more

Navigating Cultural Integration During Mergers

One of the most taxing periods in the lifecycle of an organization is the process of merging with another company. Bringing two organizations together can be exciting and result in increased opportunities for employees; however uncertainty experienced during the transition

Living with C – Engaging the Connected Generation

Marketing to your next generation of buyers will be a very different animal. Forget what might have worked with your Gen X or Millennial target audiences. Strategies to engage the next generation of brand advocates or employees will need to

Tips For Building a Better Culture – No policy? No problem.

When it comes to people practices, leaders can find themselves in unique, and oftentimes, complex situations involving their employees.  The employee handbook doesn’t always provide us with clear direction when confronted with a difficult employee related issue.     The

Think Global, Spin Local – Creating a “Glocal” Employer Brand

Unless you tailor your bait, you’ll never attract the very best prospects – Dr. John Sullivan Just when you thought you were on track to nailing this “Employer Branding” thing – we toss in another complication: message segmentation. Employer Brand

Tips for Building a Better Culture – Timing Is Everything

Communication is a critical component to the success of any business strategy. We know this, yet we often find ourselves so busy executing projects and ongoing deliverables that we forget to tell anyone else what’s going on.   In order

Make Greatness Happen – Adidas does the employer branding video right

When organizations incorporate videos into their corporate recruitment strategy, the end result can be less than inspiring.  In fact, many of them turn out much like this corporate video parody from Twitter.  However, Employer Branding videos, when done well, can

Is your organization a magnet for job seekers?

Each year, Randstad Canada identifies the country’s most attractive employers based on the world’s largest employer branding survey. Organizations cannot apply to be considered for the accolade – the independent survey asks Canadians for their perceptions of 150 of our

Three Ways You Can Protect Your Unique EVP

Every industry can attract like-minded people – your market actually depends on their being a group of people who already exist and can be readily identified, as potential customers. To appeal to these prospects, unfortunately marketing messaging through videos, print