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Thoughts from Recruitment Innovator CareerBuilder Canada on the Upcoming Canadian Employer Branding Summit

  With the first-ever Canadian Employer Branding Summit just around the corner (March 5th at the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto) we at Blu Ivy Group are beyond grateful for the support of the Summit sponsors.  We have

Engagement is Emotional – Leaders need to Connect

If you read many of the business strategy books that talk about implementing planning tools and managing change to develop culture, you might believe that employee engagement was based entirely on rational, practical details.  Half of our experience, however, is

The Rising Influence of Employer Branding as a Core Business Strategy

The first-ever Canadian Employer Branding Summit is just around the corner taking place on March 5th at the historic Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto. Global employer brand guru Brett Minchington of Employer Brand International will be delivering a

The #Sochi2014 Olympic Spirit

The Winter Olympics take place every 4 years, and simply put, is the single greatest international sporting event of all time.  Nelson Mandela recently stated, “Sport has the power to change the world.  It has the power to inspire.  It

Working with “Y” – Engaging the Millennial Generation

Time Magazine’s “Me me me” generation, has been seeing a lot of press as they begin to enter the professional workforce.   This influx of younger workers has been stereotyped as lazy and entitled – unwilling to work a standard 9

The Strong Connection between Diversity & Employer Brand

Many factors exists that influence employer brand.  As our global marketplace evolves the degree to which an organization embraces and integrates diversity into their workplace is becoming more significant to the strength and influence of their employer brand.  High organizational

Blu Ivy Group and Papirfly announce alliance enabling organizations to ensure compliance of their employer brand strategy simply, quickly, cost-effectively and in any language.

Employer Brand Strategy coupled with a unique Employer Brand Activation and Compliance Technology Provides the end-to-end Employer Brand delivery mechanism that major organizations strive for. No more will the investment in Employer Brand research and branding be lost through poor brand

How well do you Know your Candidates?

According to Roberta Matuson, author of Talent Magnetism, attraction trumps recruitment time and time again.   How much further could your organization get, if top people were flocking to you for work?   Every business journal or HR blogger will tell