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3 Reasons the 2014 International Employer Branding Summit is a “Must-See”

On March 5th, 2014, we at Blu Ivy Group are excited to be hosting the Canadian Employer Branding Summit. The Employer Branding Summit has run in more than 45 different countries around the world since 2007 – but this is

When You Assume, You make…a mistake with your EVP

Did you ever have that teacher?  The one who warned you what happens when you “assume”?   By making assumptions, we set ourselves up to fail.  When setting out to define your EVP, it is absolutely necessary to check your

How your Work Environment Supports your Employment Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a snapshot of your offices say about your company culture?   Your employer brand is represented in your physical office-space; not only the public areas, but in each individual’s work

3 Resolutions for Developing a Top Employer Brand

Most of us start every January with a long list of improvements and the best of intentions.  The coaches will all tell you the key to making changes that stick are to keep it simple, tangible and action focused.  We’ve