Monthly Archives: October 2013

Top 3 signs that your company’s Employee Value Proposition needs to be better defined

The foundation of a strong Employer Brand is an Employee Value Proposition that can be clearly seen and experienced through the organization. As companies go through strategic change to stay relevant in their markets, it’s important to take the time

Employer Branding – What you can start doing today!

Effective employer branding builds on a clear, defined Employee Value Proposition.  Clarifying your company’s true EVP can be a time consuming process involving multiple inputs including surveys and focus groups from internal and external stakeholders.  You need to get that

Sustaining a Top Employer Brand during an Integration

 Sustaining a top employer brand through an integration is a critical element in mitigating M&A risks.  To help your merger or acquisition deliver long-term value, here are our top 4 ways to sustain your brand:   1.  Communicate!  Communicate!  Communicate!

Employee Communication – Tips and Takeaways we have Learned

As a follow-up to our blog last week, please find below 6 tips and takeaways that we have learned to communicate effectively with your employees.   1.  Using visuals can help employees understand messages quickly.  Instagram,  Pinterest and Infographics are