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Communication plan – A Critical Component of any Key Business Strategy.

Successful initiatives require support from within your organization to implement and to sustain. With respect to key people strategies, we have witnessed some companies that spend a lot of time, money and resources on the strategy, only to be left

4 Myths about Employer Branding

There is a lot of discussion in the business world about Employer Branding; what it is, why it’s good, and how it should be implemented in organizations.  We thought we would take the opportunity to tell you a bit about

3 Ways to Ensure High Employee Engagement During Change

The only constant in business today is change.  Organizations face change due to rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, downsizings and executive turnover.  At every company, at every level, change is inevitable.  Success can be measured by how adept an organization

Making the Application Process about Building the Relationship

Recruitment is a form of marketing for your company and an opportunity to talk about your employer brand.  Have you used this process as a way to establish a relationship with your candidates?  As an employer, consider what your applicant