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Top 5 ways Alumni can impact your employer brand

  It is inevitable that employees are going to leave your organization. It isn’t necessarily negative, as some turnover can be healthy and change is inevitable.   The question though is how do you treat employees who transition out of your

Benchmarking Your Employer Brand

Benchmarking is a best practice employed by top organizations to garner information on how well they are doing.  Like all critical business strategies, we strongly recommend that organizations conduct benchmarking to measure how effective their employer brand is.  The information

Why Executives are taking ownership of the Employer Branding Strategy

As talent management continues to be a top rated concern amongst executives and CEOs, it is not surprising that we are seeing CEOs taking a more active role in the employer branding strategy. In fact, according to the recent global

It's not just employees that impact your employer brand

Does it matter how your clients, candidates, vendors, prospects and consumers feel about your organization as a place to work?  Absolutely. Employers continue to invest heavily in their employer brand. Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) and employer branding platforms are developed,

Brand Ambassador Program

More and more organizations are developing formalized brand ambassador programs as a critical employer branding strategy to increase client loyalty, engagement and reduce hiring costs. There are five steps to building an effective Brand Ambassador Program 1. Define your overall