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We at Blu Ivy Group were excited to learn about this new tool and wanted to share it with you.  The tool is called SoapBox and was developed by HitSend, a company that “is dedicated to increasing collective happiness by

Using visuals to convey your employer brand

Interestingly enough, images are the most retweeted links on Twitter.  Pictures and videos gain 120% to 100% more engagement than the average post on Facebook.  Therefore, visuals are a powerful medium and should be considered when conveying your brand. Once

Have you identified your employer branding strategies for 2014?

As many of our clients are now entering their 2014 budget cycle, we believe it is currently a great time of the year to start thinking about your employer branding strategies.  Results from the EBI 2013 global research study indicate

Is your employer brand experienced throughout the employee life cycle?

An important step in developing a leading, authentic and sustainable employer brand, that is often overlooked, is a GAP analysis of all touch points within the employee life cycle. While developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) should be one of