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Do you have an employee engagement action plan?

There are several “symptoms” of low employee engagement and trust, including: productivity decline, high turnover and declining customer satisfaction and loyalty.  As an HR leader, what are some best practices in devising a plan to address these issues as they

5 best practices to promote your employer brand on Twitter

With Twitter coming to Canada (Welcome Twitter!) we thought it was appropriate to share our best practices for promoting your employer brand on this popular social media channel.  With over 500 million active users, this 7 year old social media

Top 5 Common Employer Branding Mistakes

Organizations are recognizing the importance of employer branding.  In fact globally, we have seen an increase in CEO participation in these strategies by more than 36% in the last year (Employer Brand Institute 2013 global research) and an 86% increase

Want to have a top employer brand? It all starts with employee trust.

Blu Ivy Group recognizes that in order for an organization to realize the true potential of its employer brand platform, three things must be aligned: Internal employee trust and engagement must be firmly in place Job seekers in your target