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Reduce Employee Turnover by Keeping Managers Accountable to the Employee Value Proposition

Reduce employee turnover

  There‘s an open secret about employee turnover, especially among larger and growing brands: Managers are frequently the cause. Here‘s why that happens, why this problem is a little too easy to ignore, and how the right investment in employee

Employer Branding Activities With the Most Impact [List]

Employer branding activities

As a business executive or director, it is imperative that you engage with your employees in the correct way. One of the best ways to do this is to create an employer brand strategy, with the right mix of targeted

Instagram Recruitment: 5 Tips to Showcase your Employer Brand

Instagram Recruitment

Have you ever wondered what people are looking at when they check their cell phones dozens of times a day? There is a pretty good chance they are looking at Instagram. Instagram is a social network that was launched in

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6 Reasons Why Companies Should Work With An Agency To Refine Their Employer Branding Strategy

An employer branding strategy is a vital component of a business’ recruitment and retention program. Your employer brand defines what employees’ value most about working for your organization. It speaks to employees and potential employees. A strong employer brand is

3 Effective Ways to Modernize Your Campus Recruitment Strategy

It’s the end of September and that means organizations across the world are travelling around to many campuses to promote their internship and new graduate programs. As the war for talent continues to become increasingly competitive, organizations have had to

How A Powerful Employee Value Proposition Attracts Top Talent To Your Company

Everyone wants top quality employees. Top quality employees help increase revenue and productivity, drive innovation and customer satisfaction, and have enormous influence on your overall business brand. That makes attracting top talent as crucial to your business strategy as advertising

Summer Hours and How They Can Help Build Employee Engagement

Summer hours often come in the form of Fridays afternoons off and the programs have become increasingly popular as many organizations are trying to find new ways to boost employee engagement and promote a better work-life balance. Although summertime can

Why Start-Ups Need an Employer Branding Strategy (and Easy Ways to Get a Good One!)

Whether you have 10 or 1000 employees, it is crucial to your organization’s success that you carefully think through your employer brand. Start-ups can grow quickly, and it’s important to have a strong brand to project who you are, and

What Companies Should be Talking About

When looking for prospective talent for your company, whether it be at networking events or in the actual interview, it is important to know how to tell your story efficiently and effectively. Read on for some important points on talking

Women in the Workplace: Using Effective Employer Branding to Create a Gender Equal Workplace

In a year where women have come together more than ever to rally for equality, looking at their role within your organization is both crucial and beneficial. Read on for some ideas on how to recognize and encourage women in