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The Benefits of Summer Fridays Programs

Summer Fridays programs have become increasingly popular as many organizations are trying to find new ways to boost employee engagement and promote a better work-life balance. Although summertime can still be a busy time of year for many organizations, it

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Why Start-Ups Need an Employer Branding Strategy (and Easy Ways to Get a Good One!)

Whether you have 10 or 1000 employees, it is crucial to your organization’s success that you carefully think through your employer brand. Start-ups can grow quickly, and it’s important to have a strong brand to project who you are, and

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What Companies Should be Talking About

When looking for prospective talent for your company, whether it be at networking events or in the actual interview, it is important to know how to tell your story efficiently and effectively. Read on for some important points on talking

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The Problem with Corporate Brand Guidelines

Organizations invest a lot in their corporate brand. Typically, it takes as long as one year to research and build a brand. The brand, tone of voice, personality, font and colour tones are all selected to support an organization’s research,

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How to Revamp Your Performance Reviews

Today, more than 70 percent of all employees work in service or knowledge-related jobs, jobs that can’t be judged in the same quantitative way they once were. Many new positions require a host of alternative skills—positive attitude, empathy, and initiative

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Developing a Diverse and Inclusive Employer Brand

Canada is an inclusive society: we welcome refugees, our cities are truly multicultural and we are leaders in LGBTQ+ rights. With Canada setting itself apart as a leader in cultural diversity, fostering an atmosphere of inclusion is becoming more crucial

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The Secret to a Top Employer Brand? Highly Engaged Employees

As discussed in our previous post, the road to successful employer branding begins within your organization. We’ll talk a bit more now about how your ROI greatly increases when your organization invests in workplace culture too. Creating a high trust

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The Emerging Role of the CEBO

As employers embrace the fact that talent is the true differentiator in a company’s success, they are placing more emphasis than ever on branding their employee experience. With an ever-growing need to communicate a business’s image to both consumers and

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Determining Who Owns Employer Brand Strategy

For as long as employer branding has been discussed, the question of whether HR or marketing should own employer brand strategy has been a point of contention. In reality talent in both HR and marketing — along with a good

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Your Employer Brand & The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience

If your organization provides customer service of any kind, you’ve likely heard the phrase about a happy customer telling three friends and an unhappy one telling thirty. You’re also probably well familiar with the age-old maxim that the customer is

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