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Reduce Employee Turnover by Keeping Managers Accountable to the Employee Value Proposition

Reduce employee turnover

  There‘s an open secret about employee turnover, especially among larger and growing brands: Managers are frequently the cause. Here‘s why that happens, why this problem is a little too easy to ignore, and how the right investment in employee

Employer Branding Activities With the Most Impact [List]

Employer branding activities

As a business executive or director, it is imperative that you engage with your employees in the correct way. One of the best ways to do this is to create an employer brand strategy, with the right mix of targeted

Instagram Recruitment: 5 Tips to Showcase your Employer Brand

Instagram Recruitment

Have you ever wondered what people are looking at when they check their cell phones dozens of times a day? There is a pretty good chance they are looking at Instagram. Instagram is a social network that was launched in

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Women in the Workplace: Using Effective Employer Branding to Create a Gender Equal Workplace

In a year where women have come together more than ever to rally for equality, looking at their role within your organization is both crucial and beneficial. Read on for some ideas on how to recognize and encourage women in

5 Ways to amplify your employer brand with employee advocacy

In promoting your organization’s employer brand to the outside world, your greatest asset can be found within. Getting your current employees on board as promoters of your brand is the easiest and most effective way to secure your organization’s reputation. 

My First Two Months at Blu Ivy Group

When 2017 started, I would have never guessed that this year would have gone as it has but I am so glad that it did. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two months since I joined the Blu Ivy

Announcing Our New Team Member

April has been another exciting month here at Blu Ivy Group and we couldn’t be happier to announce our newest team member Madeleine Waterfield. Madeleine brings a wealth of experience from her agency recruitment and sales background. Her attraction to

Spring Forward and Strengthen Your 2017 Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Here are 3 easy to implement strategies to strengthen your social media plan and attract the best talent. 1. Online Question and Answer Chat Providing an online chat forum on your social media platforms is a quick and easy way to

Employer Branding Tips from 2017 Top Rated Employers

Clients often ask us about the best places to work and what makes them so desirable. Using the most recent Glassdoor Best Places to Work report, we took a peek at a few of the people programs that stood out

Leading the Way: the Importance of the CEO

Behind every great organization lies one extremely important person: the CEO. Here at Blu Ivy  Group, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing and inspiring CEOs. What we have seen is that the attitude and